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The secret behind Lollipop’s success

As Howard Shultz, CEO of Starbucks says “If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.” This is exactly how the Lollipop’s brand has achieved such loyal customers over its 25 year existence.


Lollipop’s is now a multi-national franchise network with play centres and cafes throughout New Zealand, Australia and Asia.


A Lollipop’s is known for bright, colourful environments and their ‘Superplay’ features that aren’t found anywhere else. The goal is to create a space where children can play safely in a creative environment and parents can relax with peace of mind.


Lollipop’s businesses are owned and operated by passionate franchisees who love providing an engaging space for play and entertainment.


The 4 Lollipop’s values are…



They believe in working as a team and finding success in each other’s achievements.



Everyday is about play, and they’re serious about fun. Lollipop’s encourage a positive environment for customers and their staff.



Give praise when praise is due. Celebrate the good times, and thank those who help you get there.



Create a business that achieves everything you want it to. They encourage autonomy so you have the freedom to have your ideas come to life.


Lollipop’s is searching for more superstar franchisees to join the team – would you like to center your business around fun and laughter?


To be a Lollipop’s franchisee, you will be a people-person who’s young at heart. You will be a great team leader and display patience and understanding with your customers. Being business-minded is key here, so any business experience will set you up for future success.


Exclusive opportunities:










Darwin Airport


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