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As part of your due diligence in purchasing any franchise, you should obtain advice from a qualified franchise lawyer. We can comprehensively review your franchise documentation to ensure that your legal interests are protected.

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As a franchisee, the franchise agreement is one of the most important documents you will sign as it requires you to comply with a series of important obligations and responsibilities. Franchise documents can be complex and lengthy, involving various legal and regulatory considerations. For this reason, the Franchising Code of Conduct requires you to sign a statement confirming that you have obtained appropriate legal advice, or have made an active decision to reject the franchisor’s recommendation to do so. You are strongly recommended to take this opportunity to obtain advice from an experienced franchise lawyer before proceeding with the purchase of any franchise business. A franchise document review with our team is designed to simplify and clarify the process of entering a franchise system. It will provide you with the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the franchise business and your legal obligations.

Our legal team will look over your franchise agreement, disclosure document, and all other necessary legal documents to ensure your interests are protected. We will ensure the documentation is fair and reasonable, and will advise you of any legal issues involved before entering into the agreement. We want this experience to be as straightforward and stress-free for you as it can be. Our experienced franchise lawyers will carefully review your franchise contracts/documents and help explain the whole franchise sign-up process to you. You will be fully informed about your rights and obligations, and will be advised in relation to any lease commitments you may encounter. We will highlight any potential commercial or legal risks and advise you on implications of the franchise agreement generally. We can also act for you in your commercial negotiations with the franchisor & the landlord, leaving you to focus on the business.

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