Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Every effort should be taken to try and solve your dispute before it is taken to the court room. Our franchise lawyers will work hard to achieve alternative dispute resolution, and can provide mediation, negotiation and litigation where necessary.

We understand that litigation is costly, time consuming and often a last resort for many clients. Our legal team has extensive experience in commercial dispute resolution and litigation. Where possible, we strive to resolve disputes outside the court room through Alternative Dispute Resolution, ensuring we provide the most cost-effective and efficient advice for clients in dispute with another party. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a method of settling disputes outside of the court room, allowing for a quicker and less costly way to resolve disputes. Before commencing proceedings in court, you must provide a Genuine Steps Statement, outlining the steps you took to resolve the matter before taking it to court, or the reasons why you genuinely could not attempt to resolve the dispute. When you find yourself in a dispute, a properly drafted cease and desist letter or a letter of demand will often achieve the results you are looking for. We can help you to swiftly resolve disputes by drafting such letters for you, without the need to resort to expensive court proceedings and injunctions.

Despite efforts to resolve an issue, however, there may be times when it is necessary to take the matter to court. In such cases, we can advise and represent you in court proceedings. Our lawyers have successfully assisted many clients, both nationally and internationally, defending and protecting their rights at all stages of the litigation process. Whether it is a debt recovery proceeding or a complex commercial dispute to be heard in the Federal Court, our experience and commitment will help you achieve the best result. Throughout the litigation process we will continually assess the suitability of ADR options, to save you time and money. We will highlight the core legal and commercial issues, allowing you to make early and informed decisions. Our lawyers work in a small, tight-knit team who are passionate, experienced and dedicated. We will work to resolve your business disputes in a professional manner while keeping in mind the commercial impact disputes can have on businesses.

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