Franchise Lead Generation

We will implement lead generation strategies that specially tailor your message to desired prospective franchisees. Our systems will ensure you are able to easily monitor and screen for promising leads in order to recruit your ideal franchisees.

We have generated thousands of leads for franchise networks all around the world.

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We will create effective marketing strategies to generate quality franchise leads.

There is no set formula to successful franchise lead generation, however you must ensure that you are delivering a clear franchise message to anyone who happens to find you. Responding professionally and in a timely manner to any leads is also crucial. It is unnecessary to spout your franchise message to a very general audience, even people uninterested in the industry your business is in. The opportunity must be effectively communicated, and made to sound appealing to the right people. Franchise lead generation starts with your customers and suppliers – people who know your business and understand why it is profitable. Reaching these people through your database and through in-store franchise messages is the most cost-effective way of starting to generate enquiries. Of course, the fewer enquiries you receive, the less franchises you will add to your network. A small pool of candidates also means you are more likely to accept poor quality applicants into your system.

Our recruitment team can assist you in customising your franchise opportunity message, to generate quality enquiries in the most cost-effective way.  We will spend time researching your market and your business, and create a highly detailed strategy for promoting your franchising opportunity. A franchise lead generation report will be created, to outline each and every action you should take to generate enquiries. This includes a month-by-month budget, and a thorough quarterly review process to ensure your lead generation strategy is providing value. Our team is currently managing the growth strategies of over fifteen brands, while generating many of our own franchise enquiries. We live and breathe franchising, and we know how important lead generation is to growing a franchise brand. We will work with you to develop lead generation that works, and assist you in obtaining quality enquiries. We will also ensure that every unsuccessful lead brings you one step closer to a promising one – which just may be your next franchisee.

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