Our franchisee profiling services will help you define and conceptualise your perfect franchisee. We will work with you to identify the specific characteristics and elements required of a franchisee running a business in your franchise network.

Screening, selecting and recruiting the right franchisees is critical to the success of your franchise network. Obviously they need sufficient capital and relevant experience and expertise, however their psychological profile and the cultural fit with your organisation’s values and your brand is also vital. You will need to develop an outline of the sort of person who will suit your franchise offering. Franchisee profiling will allow you to target your franchise message in order to attract people who are dedicated to your vision, will fit the business culture, and work to protect your brand and image. Our recruitment team will assist you with franchisee profiling to ensure you do not waste marketing dollars in dealing with people who won’t fit with your business. We will review your current successful staff and management to develop key indicators of what makes a successful franchisee.

We will conduct a study of the industry and look at your overall business as well as competitors and potential franchisees. Once a profile has been constructed, our recruitment team can demonstrate to you techniques in marketing to franchisees who suit the profile. Our skilled recruitment team handles lead generation for a range of companies, and come into contact with many different leads and potential franchisees. We can show you how to optimise franchisee recruitment, screening and selection to get the best quality candidates, providing you with hands-on support. We have a strong grasp of the types of people that will be successful in franchising, and can help develop a franchisee profile to ensure you are targeting your franchise message to the appropriate audience.

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