Buying Advocate

If you are looking to buy a franchise business, our team of franchise experts can find the right one for you. Our team will work as your buying advocate to assist with researching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of franchise businesses.

When buying a franchise business, you will need a buying advocate who knows the franchise industry to advise you in this process. You will be looking for a business opportunity that has a proven success record, good systems and processes, an established and recognised brand, training and support, strong marketing activity and a low risk profile. However, you will also need to consider what business will provide the best option for you and your family.

We have over 15 quality franchise opportunities we can offer you through our network, and we can also provide advice on buying a franchise outside of our own brands. Our professional buying advocate team can assist with researching markets and franchise systems, negotiations at all levels, site selection, competition analysis and lease execution. We are confident that we can help you find the right franchise to suit your needs and lifestyle.

We have developed and worked with a vast range of leading franchise systems in Australia and around the world. Our team of franchise experts have owned, sold and worked in franchising for many years, and we offer consulting, legal advice and branding and marketing to franchise businesses. This integrated service makes our buying advocate services more effective, as we can advise of potential risks and identify the perfect franchising opportunity for you.

Our buying advocate service involves us being there right from initial enquiry, and we will explain the entire process right through to the signing of franchise agreements. We will assist you with lease execution, the setting up of the business, and the launch of your franchise business. Allow our team to work with you to find a business opportunity that will secure your and your family’s future success and happiness.

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