Business Brokerage

Our business brokerage services will enable you to get the most value for your business, when selling. We have a large database of prospective franchisees, and will work closely with you to ensure potential buyers are identified and guided through the process.

When selling your existing franchise business, you will need to engage with prospective buyers in order to get the most value out of the business you have built. Your business opportunity must be presented in a way that will display its best features in order to attract buyers. To ensure a smooth handover they will need to be guided through the approval process, assisted in understanding the obligations and benefits of franchising, and supported in gaining finance. Selling an existing franchise business requires a franchise-focused business brokerage service, as regulations are quite specific in franchising compared to stand-alone businesses. Our team are experts in the area, and our aim is to match your business with the perfect franchisee.

We consistently obtain great results for our clients, and due to the large number of businesses we represent, our marketing expenditure is more cost effective, and our fees represent better value. Our business brokerage team can assist with the marketing and presentation of your business so that it effectively attracts the right buyers. We can also manage the entire process from generating enquiries to signing the contract of sale, franchise agreement, and lease. To ensure an easy transition, we will be present to provide support on the day of handover. As Australia’s only all-inclusive franchise firm, we are strongly familiar with every aspect of franchising. Currently we are providing business brokerage services to assist the sale of several quality franchise businesses throughout Australia.

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