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“The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer,” said legendary management guru Peter Drucker, adding, “the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself…….  to make selling unnecessary.”

The first question every business needs to ask itself is: why would a customer buy my product or service? Understanding this, and positioning your offer to meet that need, is the reason you are in business. Marketing calls this the Customer Journey with four distinct phases from turning someone who doesn’t know about you into your brand advocate. Awareness: attract. Your brand’s ability to be noticed and reach the target audience. Consideration: educate and inform.

Provide a compelling reason for customers to consider your brand amongst all the alternatives. Inquiry/Action: entice, engage, extend. Your brand’s ability to convert and enrich the customer experience. Loyalty: nurture. Your brand’s ability to foster long lasting relationships with your customers who become actively involved in promoting your brand. Our brand and marketing team use this to provide the strategic direction and create and standardise all the collateral you need to market your business. It provides your franchisees with the tools, education and support they need to focus on growing their businesses while maintaining communicational consistency in local area promotions, marketing and advertising. This also strengthens the franchise value proposition when recruits are assessing your offer, as a marketing levy is part of their financial obligation to the franchisor.

Other practical considerations include how the marketing levy may be leveraged to best affect the network, synergising online and offline marketing, the use of social media and how to track your marketing performance, measure results by growth in revenue, growth in your database and customer satisfaction. Our team can design and build a new website using your existing or refreshed brand guidelines to provide broader functionality for the new franchise network. This includes the structure, design, content, SEO, SEM and a keyword strategy to build organic ranking. It can be enabled with tracking and measurement capabilities to provide real time feedback about conversions, bounce rates and features that allow evaluation the ROI and efficacy of campaigns such as Adwords.

Another function of the website is to present and promote the franchise opportunity to prospective franchisees including the development of a recruitment micro-site with a back link to our recruitment. The website presents a distillation of your brand, service and product offering and the business opportunity. It is often the first interface for both customers and potential franchisees. Your website can also serve as your network communication platform with a login function for franchisees to access your online Learning Management System and operations manuals. This is important for induction and ongoing training, information about promotions, seasonal stock, new products, operational and other compliance issues.

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