Culture and Organisation

Articulate your vision, define your mission and then recruit franchisees and team members who are directly invested in being your brand ambassadors. High performance culture and organisation is built on shared values which drive decisions from who to hire to strategic business decisions.

Successful franchisors have well defined and articulated values and a vision for their network. Lead with your mission, position your brand story and then find franchisees who will genuinely buy into that vision with some measure of your passion and commitment, because it’s essential to both their and your success. Culture and organisation is founded on the shared values and practices of a group. This informs their vision, gives clarity to their mission and ultimately leads them to outperform their competitors. Cultural allegiance, or believing in your mission, is the primary driver of high performing networks. It is vital to understand the characteristics of high performance cultures and how you can build a system with culture and organisation that adapts and is aligned to your business goals.

“Culture eats strategy for lunch,” it has been famously said, and all successful organisations are founded on the nexus between culture and strategy. Our culture and organisation workshop is an essential part of your franchise program. We work with you to identify and define your values, listing what is important to all the people in your organisation. Knowing who you are and what you believe is the starting point. We assist in articulating and communicating those values in your own words.

From your first lead generation activities and throughout the entire recruitment process, potential franchisees need to be clear about what you stand for. Screen for a values fit even before skills and experience and recruit franchisees and head office personnel whose personal values are aligned with the company’s organisation and culture. Documenting your values, your vision, your culture and how you drive performance is critical to your strategic direction. It defines your franchisee profiling, your recruitment strategy and process, and drives your implementation.

Performance-oriented cultures have statistically higher levels of profitability, better financial growth, with greater franchisee commitment, and better compliance and retention. This doesn’t stop at granting a franchise. It underpins your on-board training and long term support and up-skilling. Affirm and positively reinforce franchisees and head office team members for acting in line with the company values, as it consistently consolidates your culture and organisation. Your culture is also demonstrated in your leadership. It is the foundation of your customer experience and the primary driver of customer loyalty. Defining your values is fundamental but you need to live your mission in the unique way your culture and organisation authentically does what it believes.

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