Business Transformation

Whilst franchising is a relatively simple concept, it is enormously complex both to develop and to execute. Professional advice using a multi-disciplinary, systems approach will support you through the business transformation process providing immediate uplift to your current operation as it transitions to a profitable franchise network.

Dc Strategy Business

Business transformation considers all the requirements to grow your business from a handful of locations into a thriving, sustainable franchise network. A good franchise value proposition considers the franchisor’s product or service, their experience, systems and processes, marketing know-how and brand. All these form part of the franchise business’ intellectual property. Developing a robust and proven franchise value proposition, builds trust with franchisees and permits the network to grow. This gives the franchisor an ability to attract the right type of franchisee while supporting an opportunity for sustainable return. For franchisees it provides re-assurance. If they comply faithfully, the franchise model gives greater certainty than an unproven concept reducing the risk of failure and offering a higher rate of growth.

While franchising is a simple concept, it is enormously complex to develop and to execute. It requires professional advice and a multi-disciplinary, systems approach. The business transformation process starts by analysing the core elements of your existing business to develop the value proposition. Leveraging your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and your brand, understanding the competitive landscape, protecting your intellectual property, trademarks and supply all consolidate the value proposition. Our process focuses on improving sales and profitability. Our goal is to enable scalability, by implementing technology, developing your head office resource, documenting your systems, processes and training.