Your induction, training, operational systems and ongoing support are major reasons franchisees will consider joining your franchise network. The perceived value of these in mitigating their risk of going into business is determined by how you develop, present and deliver them.

Franchisees look to mitigate the risk of running their own businesses by buying access to your proven business operations. Articulating the systems and processes of how your business is operated in a clear systematic format is imperative, as franchisees place great weight upon this during recruitment. You need to describe in detail every aspect of the business’ operations, both in how the franchisee will run their business and train their employees. Equally you need to document how they will run their operation in relation to their obligations to you, the franchisor. Business operations typically cover four key areas:

Location: Where you do business. The locational elements need to be replicated in order to get similar sales results at each location.

Equipment: The tools you need to get the job done. The products and/or equipment a franchisee needs so that the customer gets the same experience throughout the network.

Labour: The duties and responsibilities of everyone involved in the operation. The number of staff a franchisee requires, their roles and how a franchisee recruits them.

Process: The way you get business done. This includes the systems and processes that are needed to replicate the critical functions of the business from accounting and marketing through to customer service, quality control and innovation.

Our team examines each of these areas to create a benchmark for your business operations that will ensure standards, consistency and compliance across the network.

A comprehensive set of Operations, Training and Procedures Manuals provides franchisees with all the information and tools to be inducted into the franchise, to drive all aspects of their business on a daily basis and to train and manage their own staff. They can then replicate your operating processes and standards and operate largely independently of you. The operations manuals also provide you with the appropriate systems and tools to monitor and enforce operational compliance of your franchisees. Typically operations manuals were provided in multi-volume hard copy but are now presented online as well through a network intranet or website log-in. This provides real-time communication, access to new products, procedures, training and other operational material and enhances your ability to monitor and enforce operational compliance through an integrated technology platform.

Obviously you will update products, suppliers, processes and systems over the years, upgrading technology, refreshing your logo or re-designing your fit-out. The Operations Manual is a living, growing document that can be updated to represent the most current practices and policies in the business. In fact, you should bind compliance to the Operations Manual as a part of the Franchise Agreement. This will ensure the ongoing operation of your business and presentation of your brand results in a consistent customer experience wherever your outlets operate. Call us to discuss your operational needs.

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