The implementation of every component of your franchise program as it is developed provides the step-by-step business transformation from your current operation to a franchise network. This is about ‘doing’ – practical, hands-on work, support and training with you and your team. Our team is there as you roll out your first franchises.

Possibly the most challenging phase of the franchise programme is actually granting the first franchise. Everything we have developed and resourced with you is ready to take to market. From the economic rationale and the legal and operational documentation to the communications and business systems, head office support and brand and marketing collateral you have a compelling offer for the right franchisees. Implementation starts from the beginning of the franchise programme as we assist you to apply each of the tools and processes to your existing business as they are developed. The implementation plan here defines the objectives, activities, potential challenges, schedules and timelines as you commence franchising.

The implementation process determines the criteria for selecting candidates and ensures you manage your head office resource to onboard and support your first franchisees. Getting this right from the first franchise grant is imperative, as successful induction and implementation creates happy profitable franchisees. They in turn become not only brand ambassadors to your customers, but invaluable references in the recruitment of new candidates. Effective implementation depends on defining who you are, the attributes your franchisees should have, and where they might be found. Our commercial and recruitment teams look at your service and sales culture and how you will train, incentivise, reward, innovate and drive peak performance.

We establish your brand guidelines to articulate your values and package this with the commercial, operational, marketing and legal documentation that substantiate your franchise offer. From all this we devise and document the detailed process that determines each candidate’s suitability. Our recruitment team provide both the lead generation strategies and recruitment selection process to present the franchise offer where you have the greatest opportunities of finding the right franchisees. We create strategy and implementation processes to measure the success of your recruitment objectives and procedures and the return on the investment. We also ensure you have the right geo-demographic information to determine how many and where outlets (mobile, or bricks and mortar) should be located and support site selection.

Going forward, the implementation process can provide hands-on support to your head office through training on Learning Management Systems, technology systems, operational functions, marketing and management support. Our lawyers can assist with issuing franchise agreements and disclosure documents ensuring you comply with the Franchising Code of Conduct. They can also assist with lease negotiations, licences, deeds and any other legal considerations for you and your franchisees. As Guy Kawasaki, author and marketing guru says, “Organisations are successful because of good implementation, not good business plans”.

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