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Royal Stacks Burger Franchise | Build Your Own Kingdom

Royal Stacks - Ready to build your own Kingdom? Starting from $350,000

It’s time to crown yourself.


We’re looking for the next generation of passionate partners who share the same energy, values and beliefs as us to join the Royal family and carry the Royal Stacks name.


Royal Stacks is the king of the Melbourne burger kingdom. We reign supreme and stand out as one of the most loved and respected burger brands around. Royal Stacks is known for being disruptive and we are always innovative in the best ways possible – we stand out!


Our menu is creative and kept fresh offering a special experience through our food to everyone who walks through the door. Customers are treated like royalty and the Royal Stacks Kingdom makes it our priority to ensure that everyone has the best experience when dining at one of our stores.


This is a business opportunity like no other and partners will enter an exclusive agreement to share the Royal Stacks culture and menu with legends in new communities.


Benefits of owning a Royal Stacks franchise business

  • Comprehensive education and training provided with ongoing growth.
  • A brand like no other – Not only ventured out in the Australian market but in China too.
  • Tech savvy and disruptive – gaming/ ordering app and online delivery options.
  • Healthy lifestyle – physical and mental wellbeing is important for the brand.
  • Exclusive menu – we believe fresh is best.
  • Innovative and eco-friendly.

Join a kingdom that offers an exceptional dining experience to the masses.


We pride ourselves on bringing restaurant values to the fast-casual dining experience. Offering premium quality produce and a royal service.


Since 2016 we’ve worked hard to stand out from the crowd. With passion, innovation, impeccable dining experiences, and a damn good burger… even if we do say so ourselves.


Be Royal.

royal stacks menu

Marketing Support

Royal Partners will be working with a brand that is known for its creative and innovative method. They will receive dedicated marketing support, backed by a kingdom with a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram, and proactive local area marketing campaigns including podcasts.

royal stacks shop


Courses and training are available to help Royal Partners and their family members who will also be part of the franchise business. While constant, tailored and nurtured learning is available, no university education is needed to join the business. Royal Stacks believes that the more training offered the better. They will invest extra time to train and support Royal partners, with a 4-6 week in-house-restaurant experience, to help train those who are new to the brand.

royal stacks burgers


When we opened our first store on Collins Street in 2016, we took on a challenge to stand out within Melbourne’s vibrant hospitality industry. We were the small fish in a big pond. A lot has happened in the years since. Multiple stores, new locations, one-of-a-kind pop up events, a food truck and an expansion into the Chinese market. We’re proud of our greatest hits, but still feel like we’re just getting started.


Fill out the application form below to learn more about the Royal Stacks Clyde franchise opportunity. You’ll receive further financial information, and we’ll help you determine if this is the right franchise for you.

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