Poké Me Bronte (New)

Health Bowl Restaurant Franchise Starting from $250,000

Poké Me Bronte

Poké Me redefines the original Hawaiian Poké bowl through the fusion of a Japanese inspired flavour spectrum. Essentially, it’s a delicious deconstructed sushi bowl with a modern twist of Japanese flavour and inspiration. Poké Me is also known for its innovative menu style, fresh colourful ingredients and their in-store experience.

Poké Me is a lifestyle movement built on fresh and fast food. A brand that thrives on its rich, colourful and fresh identity, it has fast become the leader in the dynamic Poké space. Known for its Japanese influence and originality, they’re spreading The Fresh Movement around the country and searching for licensees to join The Fresh Team!

Poké Me Bronte – Sound Poké?

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Location Information

From $250,000

Brand new location

Healthy & active lifestyle

Beach goers and tourists

Lively atmosphere

Small town vibe

The Location

Bronte, Sydney

Lodged nicely between Bondi and Coogee, Bronte is a beach goers dream location. Bronte has the beauty of Bondi’s beach without the big city vibe. It is very relaxed and chilled out, giving the illusional that you are miles from the Sydney CBD.

Poke Me

In the Area

Bronte is a well known beachside spot thanks to the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. The challenging waters attract expert surfers and the beach landscape attracts bikini babes. At the same time it draws in families with the several rock pools, parks and picnic tables. Win, win, win.

Poke Me

Your Customers

People visit spots like Bronte expecting to feel fresh and healthy. This is not a spot where people go out hunting for a greasy and heavy meal. They want, expect and need a trendy meal option! Become a favourite with both locals and tourists instantly by giving them what they want!

Poke Me

The Details

Establishing your own Poké Me restaurant in Bronte will start from $250,000 + GST. The Poké Me business model is proven, simple and unique. The agreement will run for 5 + 5 years. The Poké Me head office team will also provide establishment support to its licensees by lending a helping hand with the day to day aspects of the business, such as store operations, staff training and marketing activities. The efficiency of the business is simple and easy to understand, providing the licensee with a favourable work-life balance.


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Poké Me – The Fresh Movement!

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