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My Cabin Mate Franchise Business | Brisbane QLD

Be part of the future with My Cabin Mate Starting from $200,000

Be a successful entrepreneur from the comfort of your own home!


My Cabin Mate is searching for franchise owners keen to benefit from a successful and established cabin rental business.  The ideal candidate is preferred to be organised, be hands on and obtain resilience, support and respect My Cabin Mate’s mission.


My Cabin Mate is Australia’s leading long-term cabin provider for rent in the Brisbane, Queensland area. My Cabin Mate was started to service the portable cabin / tiny home / home-office space sector, made to be affordable to put a roof over the heads of people, and for them to have their own space to live and work out of without the hefty expenses of relocating or renting an expensive office space.


My Cabin Mate is all about maintaining a relaxed company culture and having a motivated team dedicated to customer service and balancing the running of the business with everyday life. Franchisees will also be rewarded when they succeed and an annual conference will form part of that process. My Cabin Mate continues to gather feedback from the customer’s experience to keep improving all aspects of the business. 


Benefits of owning a My Cabin Mate business:


My Cabin Mate offers the benefit of multiple site ownership. As a franchisee, you’ll have the first right to refusal and the opportunity to expand into neighbouring territories. This is a truly unique aspect within the My Cabin Mate franchise model and could lead to exponential growth. The business model is simple. Own and operate a My Cabin Mate site from home, book in cabin rentals, drop off rented  cabins to clients and collect cabins in a timely manner and book them back into available stock once cabins have been serviced /cleaned – and proactively repeat. 


The franchise offer also allows for multi-ownerships, where interested investors can expand and grow the business, and have control over those areas.


Are you ready to join the My Cabin Mates’ Team? Are you hardworking, with minimal business experience, and prepared to be innovative by means of sales and marketing? We are looking for motivated and dedicated franchise partners to join My Cabin Mate!

The Location

Brisbane, capital of Queensland, is a large city on the Brisbane River. It’s a cosmopolitan hub for arts, culture and a popular tourist destination. Cabin rentals is a growing sector and will be the perfect addition to popular areas.

Marketing Support

Marketing Support 


New franchise partners will benefit from customers who are actively placing orders directly off the website. This ensures continued growth and loyalty through their ongoing marketing campaigns both online and off. Franchisees will receive dedicated marketing support, as well as a marketing pack with initial collateral such as company logos and imagery. Franchisees will be backed by the founder of My Cabin Mate, as well as a virtual assistant who updates the website and manages online customer support.


Training Provided 


My Cabin Mate has obtained a central platform where franchise partners will have access to videos and training manuals. My Cabin Mate’s franchisor is committed to providing in-depth training on how the business operates and the best processes to follow. New franchisees will be fully trained and will be provided with continuous support along their franchise journey. They will also be supplied with operations manuals and business plans, as well as step-by-step guides on how to run the business and transport the rental cabins.




My Cabin Mate is an independent locally owned and operated Australian leading Cabin Provider for Rent in the Greater Brisbane, Queensland area. Gavin Aiken, Director of My Cabin Mate started the business idea when he decided to get a cabin for a family member and found a gap in the market. They started building the cabins from their backyard and the rest is history.


Fill out the application form below to learn more about My Cabin Mate’s franchise opportunity. You’ll receive further financial information, and we’ll help you determine if this is the right franchise for you.

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