Diggermate Sunshine, VIC

Excavator and Machine Hire Specialist Starting from $47,000

Diggermate is a one-stop shop for all your machine and mini excavator hiring needs! Booked instantly online or by text, your excavation requirements can be hassle-free and delivered to your doorstep.

Diggermate machine types include micro and mini excavators, bobcats, tipper trucks, car trailers and more, available to hire for all construction projects, home renovations, landscaping, earthworks, site clean ups and other jobs. Supplying machines that can be used in tight spaces, without any required experience, the Diggermate team help to make seemingly impossible tasks, possible!

Location Information


Ideal location

Business opportunities

Excavation and agriculture

The Location

Sunshine is a popular port city just 13 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD. Sunshine is a popular destination, with potential business opportunities for a Diggermate franchisee.

In the Area

Sunshine is a thriving township in Victoria. This historical township has strong community values, with no shortage of jobs to be done. This town needs someone to bring the Diggermate business in to get to work on excavation and renovation tasks!

Your Customers

Sunshine is a suburb of Melbourne that has over 9,000 residents and around 40% of residents form part of a family group. Your customers will generally have a healthy income, with discretionary spending available.

The Details

Putting your stamp on Diggermate Sunshine will start from $47,500 + GST.  The franchise agreement will be for 5+5 years, with an initial joining fee, as well as ongoing royalty and marketing.


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