Cirillo Lighting & Ceramics Newcastle

Starting from $450,000

Newcastle is begging for a provider of quality, contemporary tiles, lights, bathroom ware and kitchen appliances – and you could be the answer. Run a Cirillo Lighting & Ceramics franchise in this heavily populated area, and benefit from the demand of these premium materials. You will work with individuals and families looking to design beautiful apartments and houses, as well as construction companies needing excellent materials for their projects. All you need to bring is passion and drive. The Cirillo Lighting & Ceramics franchise network will help you with site selection, lease negotiation and marketing. Bring your love for all things design to the Newcastle area.

Location Information

$450,000 +

New Location

Historic area

Beachside location

Work with varied clientele

The Location

Newcastle is located 162 km north of Sydney along the eastern coast at the mouth of the Hunter River.

Newcastle Area - Franchise Opportunities

In the Area

As Australia’s oldest port town, Newcastle has the air of a holiday town with beautiful beach views and vibes. Many people live in apartments in the CBD, however separate houses are also common particularly in the outer suburbs. From art deco style apartments, to contemporary beachside houses, there is a lot of great architecture design in the area.

Diaco's Customers

Your Customers

A bit more relaxed than Sydney residents, people from Newcastle are largely professionals, with a love for sport. Renting and apartment life is common, however you will also deal with homeowners and construction companies looking for an edge on their design.

Franchise Details - Cirillo Lighting & Ceramics

The Details

The lease agreement for this location will be 5+5 years. The marketing levy for the Cirillo Lighting & Ceramics franchise network is 2%, and the royalty fees will be 7% annually. There will also be a 2% warehouse administration fee. You will pay an initial franchise fee of $60,000.


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