Master Franchise Recruitment

We will find you a master franchise partner that perfectly fits your business model and vision. Whether you are looking to franchise in the Australian market, or expand overseas, our dedicated recruitment team will help you find the right people to make your business grow.

A master franchise system licenses certain franchisees to develop and run the business in a specified territory or area. The roles and responsibilities of this “master franchisee” will be outlined in the franchise agreement. They will be required to recruit franchisees in their territory, and provide all the necessary training and support to see them establish and run new stores successfully. Essentially, the master franchise is run from a ‘mini head office’ which acts as a link between the franchisor and the franchisees. You may look at introducing the master franchise system if you are entering the Australian market from an established international company, or are looking to expand from Australia overseas. You will need to ensure that you recruit the right master franchisees, as they hold significant responsibility within the franchise network. They must be able to develop the business’ sales and service standards, uphold your vision and brand image, and also identify franchisees in their territory that will do the same.

We are familiar with all aspects of franchising, and we can help you find dedicated candidates who will fulfil the important duties of a master franchisee. Along with our recruitment services, we operate as a legal and consultancy firm, delivering advice and expertise across all areas of franchising. We can define and create the necessary legal agreements as well as consult and carry out pre-entry research to work out what the best structure for your business is and if master franchising will suit you. Our recruitment team will consult with you, conduct necessary research, and find passionate and qualified franchisees to head up your master franchise system. We can advise on international trade mark solutions to ensure your business is protected in Australian or overseas markets. We also conduct franchisee profiling to assist in recruiting people who will perform well and grow your business.

Franchise Recruitment Services