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Soul Burger

Plantbased Burgers Starting from $250,000
Food & Beverage Industry Franchise
Industry: Plantbased Burgers
Number of Franchise Opportunities
No. Of Opportunities: 6+
Franchise Locations
Location: Australia Wide

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Soul Burger Story

Soul Burger founder Dr Amit Tewari  initially began Soul Burger as a flexitarian restaurant with a half meat, half vegetarian menu. However he decided in 2015 to transition Soul Burger to be wholly plant-based after being convinced by the ecological, ethical and innovation argument. There was mounting evidence that plant-based foods needed to be commercialised quickly to increase options for flexitarian, reducetarian and millennial customers. 

Soul Burger surged dramatically by capturing a motivated, enthusiastic customer base that care about their climate impact and food choices. After 4 years of  running the restaurants through a corporate structure, a decision was made to partner with motivated, passionate franchise owners to grow the business and increase its impact on the Australian food scene. 


Soul Burger aims to be the premier plant-based QSR brand in Aus, similar to Veggie Grill in the US, by retailing plant-based comfort food authentically. By focussing on fresh produce, amazing recipes, food consistency and customer experience obsession, it aims to change food culture forever within Australia.

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Key Benefits

Growing Industry

There has been a global shift to a vegan diet and veganism continues to rise in Australia. There are number of new food products launched in Australia with vegan labelling has almost tripled in the past five years. Soul Burger will transition into being the pioneer and market leader for plant-based comfort food.

Unique Product

The product sells itself and tastes incredible. Every single item on the menu is vegan and has been specially created and thought of.  Take for example, their speciality cheese sauce (SoulB Fries and Cheese Please) which has been developed in-house and amazing flavour is made up cashew nuts.

Business with soul

Soul Burger is a brand you will be proud to represent with strong company values and an entire plantbased menu. Soul Burger has a number of positive impacts on the planet. Franchisees will have a passion, love and connection to the brand. It’s a brand franchise partners will be proud of and enjoy.


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Soul Burger Franchise Opportunities