Pizza Pasta Please

Pizza and Pasta Restaurant Franchise Starting from $200,000
Franchise Price
Price Range: $200,000+
Food & Beverage Industry Franchise

Industry: Food & Beverage

Number of Franchise Opportunities
No. Of Opportunities: 5+
Franchise Locations
Locations: NSW

The P3 Story

P3 are leading the way in the pizza and pasta industry. Their new pizza and pasta restaurants (Pizza Pasta Please) are revolutionising how diners view ‘fast food’. While P3 whip up pizza and pasta faster than the naked eye can see, their food is also fresh and super delicious.

Think pizza that can be cooked to perfection faster than a Fiat 500 can go from zero to a hundred. That’s 1 minute and 45 seconds if you’re counting! While it may not be factually faster than a Fiat 500, you get the drift. 

The core of P3 sits with their Italian heritage and a desire to make a difference in the hospitality space. They want to be able to serve up great tasting food, that is fresh, doesn’t break the bank in a warm family atmosphere. While each restaurant has a freezer, the only thing you’ll find in there is creamy gelato! That’s right, fresh really does mean fresh! Customers are greeted like family and made to feel welcome in restaurants that are buzzing. The P3 Team also make a real effort to hire and train individuals who may not otherwise have a fair shot at employment – their approach to building an company culture is about inclusivity and support.

P3 is expanding their current footprint in New South Wales and inviting individuals, families or couples into their franchise family. They are looking for people who share their ideals about food and hospitality. If you’re motivated by the concept of running a P3 franchise of your own, get in touch to find out more.

Am I a Good Fit for a P3 Franchise?

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The Industry

The hospitality industry is made for people who love to entertain. Food will be close to your heart, as will the desire to work in a fast paced and rewarding industry. To join P3 you’ll need to be passionate about people and creating an exciting dining experience for customers.


At P3 it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen. What is important is your ability to make people feel at home. If you can create a welcoming atmosphere for your customers and build a great team of employees, P3 can teach you the art of quick, fresh and delicious pizza and pasta.



You’ll be looking for a challenging, but rewarding business that you can call your own. You’re not a stranger to a bit of hard work and you’re motivated to provide a good living for yourself and your family. You could be looking for a business that will allow you to work when you want to and have flexibility around your daily tasks. As a P3 franchisee this is all possible.


You’ll be looking for a business that you can own, operate and nurture. As a franchisee you’ll have the potential to build your business into a thriving and profitable restaurant with the help and support of the P3 team.

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Financial Requirements

It will cost from $200,000 to become a P3 franchisee. The overall cost will depend on the size, location and fit out of your restaurant.

Key Benefits

Pizza Pasta Please Franchise

P3 Recipes and Menu

As a Franchisee you’ll be provided with the full P3 Menu with recipes, ingredients and supplier agreements. You won’t need any experience in the hospitality industry to provide your customers with fresh and delicious pizza, pasta and sides. You’ll be proud to open the doors to your restaurant each day and serve up the best Italian around.

Pizza Pasta Please Franchise

A Great Concept

It only takes heart to work at a Pizza Pasta Please restaurant. So our hiring policies are based on things that matter the most to us. Passion. Drive. Values. We provide opportunities to people who have a hard time finding a great job. Why? Because we know that if we provide training, a fun work environment and support – absolutely anyone can excel at Pizza Pasta Please and our community is better off for it too!

Pizza Pasta Please Franchise

Culture, Brand and Marketing

With quick, tasty food, amazing prices and a trendy restaurant fit out – P3 is a ‘quick service casual’ restaurant set to make the most of growing trends in the hospitality industry. Add to that an ability to fully customise meals to taste, ingredient preferences and allergies. We think that P3 is a real winner.


We are looking for a people person. Someone with patience, who will meet and greet their customers like a friend visiting their home.

P3 Team


Get in touch today to learn more about a P3 Franchise. Fill out your details below to receive a comprehensive franchise information pack, giving you the opportunity to research more on the opportunity.

Pizza Pasta Please Franchise Opportunities