1st Choice Rentals

Equipment Hire Business Starting from $
Franchise Price
Price Range: Starting at $50,000
Food & Beverage Industry Franchise
Industry: Appliances & Equipment Hire
Number of Franchise Opportunities
No. Of Opportunities: 1
Franchise Locations
Locations: Shepparton

The 1st Choice Rentals Story

We often take the things that we find in our homes for granted. But the simple fact is that those things are what turn a few walls and a roof into a home for someone. A fact that Ian and Annie Stewart knew all too well when, in 1995, they decided to start 1st Choice Rentals.

As veterans in the household equipment rental industry,they came up with a different vision; by employing their industry expertise and know-how, they would create an equipment rentals business that would call upon the very essence of the industry: convenience and ease.

1st Choice Rentals’ brand ethos is simple: putting customers first. This philosophy has been the driving force behind from a small single location at Campbelltown NSW to what has now become a serious business with 9 locations across Australia. In true commitment to their vision, Ian and Annie have maintained a strong family orientation within the business, which exists to make their customers’ lives better.

Am I a Good Fit for the 1st Choice Rentals Network?

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The Industry

Whilst the housing market may experience ups and downs, the need for furnishing a home with everyday comforts and conveniences has and will always be there. In fact, with the advances in technology and communications, more equipment and appliances are finding their way into our homes than ever before.


You must possess the right balance of determination and smarts. The most important quality is to have an entrepreneurial mindset and business savvy personality.



A 1st Choice Rentals Associate should have a very positive outlook. They should be relatable people who can instantly start a conversation with the customer and come across as a friendly presence. The ability to connect with the clients and establish rapport quickly is extremely important.


Protect and promote the brand. Drive business growth through innovative ideas and excellent service. The business wants to solidify its presence in key locations and wants the right people for the job.

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Financial Requirements

The entry level costs for joining the 1st Choice Network vary depending on factors like location and setup etc. Contact our recruitment team for a detailed discussion.

Key Benefits

Inventory  Contributions

This is a truly unique aspect of the 1st Choice associate model. The licensor will contribute 50% of inventory costs, making this a co-investment. The Associate can focus on running the business and achieving their targets.

Wealth of  Knowledge

What makes 1st Choice Rentals unique is their wealth of knowledge and experience. With over 50 years of combined experience and over 20 acquisitions to their credit, there is simply no match for their expertise.

Marketing & Operations 

The 1st Choice head office provides comprehensive support to associates in all matters pertaining to: Local Area Marketing, Induction Training, Site Selection, Store development & Fit Outs Assistance, Hiring of Staff and Operations & Admin.


Get in touch to learn more about the exclusive 1st Choice Rentals locations available. Opportunities are limited. Fill out your details below to receive a comprehensive information pack, giving you the chance to research more.

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