DC Strategy Lawyers

DC Strategy Lawyers are experts in facilitating local and international growth through franchising of businesses.

We work with a variety of businesses in different sectors to gain sustained and replicable growth objectives, leveraging our experience dealing with big brands to startups.

Business Done Right.

As experts in the franchising field, we understand the relationships and dynamics of franchising a business. Often we provide growing businesses with guidance as to how to manage, structure and negotiate a franchise model that is fit for purpose, whether that purpose is franchising as a growth channel, international or local expansion, or changing a corporate business to a franchise model.


DC Strategy Lawyers can assist by drafting and negotiating the franchising and legal documentation and also advise on market entry strategies – both into Australia for international brands and outside of Australia for local brands. As experts we know that supporting once the model is in place is also crucial and we assist with franchise management issues including dispute resolution and avoidance.


As part of our “Business Done Right” ethos, it is important to also consider your own investment and exit strategies. We advise franchisors on structuring and planning advice, including the tax and corporate structures available and how to implement them.

Small and medium-sized.

While we support the expansion of some household name brands, we appreciate that big businesses grow out of successful small businesses. As such we are committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve their organizational goals. We also work with developers, master franchisees, multi-unit/multi-brand franchise operators, and groups of franchisees in class actions. Franchising can offer multiple avenues to securing long term success and we are passionate about helping to make that happen.


  • We‘re AUTHENTIC and we’re totally unpretentious. You can trust what we promise and you can rely on us to deliver.
  • We’re FAIR and honest. We respect our team and our clients and what they’ve achieved.
  • We’re DEDICATED and hands-on with real world experience. We work as hard as our clients to drive their businesses.
  • We’re PASSIONATE. Why we do what we do matters immensely – to our clients and to us.
  • We’re ORIGINAL and slightly eccentric – in a good way! That’s what makes us adaptable, imaginative and resourceful.
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