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Our franchise consultants will help/be with you every step of the franchise process. Your dedicated franchise manager helps with the heavy lifting, streamlines your processes, and helps you succeed. We have local experts in your industry to give you hands-on insight and identify the right structure and strategic mix that fits your interests, goals, and budget.

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Franchise Consulting Process

Step 1

Franchise Feasibility Studies

– Gap Analysis of Current Capabilities and target franchise model.
– Financial Analysis and Modelling of go-to-market franchise model.

Step 2

Franchise Strategy

Developing a go-to-market strategy for franchising, including but not limited to the operational requirements, business formats, macroeconomic criteria, market conditions, and other competitive-advantage elements.

Step 3

Financial Analysis

Evaluating the feasibility of core business operations in a franchise format, including determining key financial drivers, opportunities for cost optimisations, and minimum establishment investment requirements.

Step 4

Operations manuals

– Provision of high-level operations manual frameworks to guide your in-house production of brand-specific content.
– Evaluation of your business-specific manual content in the context of franchising.
– Identifying opportunities to optimise delivery of the contents of your manual based on your operating model.

Step 5

Franchise Program Development

– An end-to-end program focusing on developing the Franchising aspects of the business from a strategic and financial perspective.
– Finalisation of the documentation of your operational and legal requirements in Franchising.
– Working seamlessly with the DC Strategy Lawyers department to meet legal requirements.

Step 6

International Expansion and Market Entry

– Evaluating the suitability of your business model for market entry into various international regions and developing adjusted business models based on target entry markets.
– Developing market entry strategies based on target entry markets.
– Developing documentation to support international market entry.
– Assistance in recruiting local partners/franchisees in select markets.

Business Transformation

Real Business Transformation

As most CEO’s know, Business Transformation must permeate the entire organisation to apply the changes needed to reach your goals. We drive change for your organisation across all tiers, with consultants applying innovative solutions, rapid scaling, and the skill-building required to bring effective upgrades. DC Strategy is uniquely positioned with the exact expertise required to make this happen and it has been at the core of what we do for almost 40 years.

Corporate & Franchise Legal services

A true turnkey franchise legal service

Whilst franchising is a relatively simple concept, it is enormously complex both to develop and to execute. Professional advice using a multi-disciplinary, systems approach will support you through the business transformation process providing immediate uplift to your current operation as it transitions to a profitable franchise network.

Recent Franchises

"Franchising is a serious commitment and DCS guided us through our economic modeling, feasibility assessment, legal documentation, and lead generation work. They truly become an extension of your business as you seek to put everything in place to build a sustainable model that will generate returns for your new partners and your brand. DCS helped bring on our first franchisee and ensured he was the right steward for our brand. I can’t recommend DC Strategy highly enough!"

Amit Tewari

CEO Soul Burger

"Our journey with DC Strategy has been fantastic! From that initial strategic workshop to implementing our franchise program – there’s been lots of touch points. But if I think of one really great thing in our overall relationship and how DC Strategy continues to contribute to our success, it’s having them on our board."

Warren Jones

CEO Total Tools

"When DC Strategy came in to meet the board at the time, the noise was taken away. Once they had been convinced by the expert this is what you need to do and this is how you need to approach it and from thereon we never looked back. "


Marshall Hartwich

National Development Manager, Ben & Jerry's

"The DC Strategy team draws upon its solid understanding of the franchise model to improve the performance of our organization. By tapping their knowledge, we have more quickly identified our opportunity areas and defined the action steps to capitalize on them.  "


Bill Swanson

CEO, Catridge World International

"We were comfortable with the consultancy because it was responsible for the growth and development of significant franchise systems and brands. Having a full-service firm ensures the consistency of information, advice and message from exiting franchisor and franchisee. "

Joe Cirillio

CEO, Cirillo

"DC Recruitment helped take KX from 5 studios to 30 studios quickly. James and his team go above and beyond to provide great support and a vast range of franchise knowledge that is imperative for sustained growth. Their involvement allowed me to focus on growing and developing other key areas of the business knowing the recruitment was in good hands. I would recommend DC to any company trying to expand their network."

Aaron Smith

CEO, KX Pilates




"Franck Provost wouldn’t be where it is in Australia today without all the consulting and legal advice from DC Strategy. "




Jean-François Carré

Co-Founder, Franck Provost Australia


 " The team have been working with Thermawood Australia to promote the sales of our Thermawood Franchises across Australia. We have fortnightly video meetings as well as regular recap reports. We are always included in the planning and implementation of all marketing strategies and then advised on the outcome, their communication is exceptional. It is a pleasure to work with the entire DCS Lead Generation team. "


Jacki Cook

VIC Franchisor, Thermawood


"DC Strategy took great care to understand our brand while developing our franchise system. They have worked closely with us to ensure we create a franchise system that reflects our passion in the Rosa Mexicano brand and their deep understanding of the franchise system made a significant contribution. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to establish a franchise network. "

Utkarsh Vartak

CEO Rosa Mexicano

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