We build the blueprint for a
profitable and successful business.

We find the most effective way to grow your business by bringing all the pieces of your franchise strategy together. We sort out the details, and take your business to the next level.

Every business is different. We tailor each franchise programme to suit your needs. We work closely together to determine your expansion objectives, value proposition and market opportunity. We know exactly what it takes to grow a business. Often clients come to us with a single location, and we help the grow into an international brand.

As a broad guideline you need to meet most of the following criteria. A proven business concept: your product or service works and you’ve built a loyal customer base. A profitable business: you have financial records (P&Ls, budgets) to measure and track your performance. Well-established operations: you have reliable functioning systems and processes. A defined point of difference in the market: your customers can differentiate you from your competitors.

You may also have opened a second or more outlets, so you know the business is replicable. Whatever strategy you consider – and franchising is one – most businesses in expansion mode face issues of scalability, access to capital, on-going infrastructural development, the recruitment and retention of good staff, rising wages and complex workplace relations.

It all goes together.

Skip the hassle of different lawyers, consultants, agencies and technology providers. We’ll handle it all for you, under one roof.  We are a passionate team of franchise experts, committed to changing your business for the better.

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Franchise news and updates

Little-L Franchise Opportunity
Find My Perfect Franchise
May 19, 2017

Little-L – Franchise Feature Friday

This #FranchiseFeatureFriday, we’re bringing the foxiest franchise in town to your screen! Simon Kanoon is the owner and founder of Little-L Chicken Burgers, in Sydney's Bondi Beach.
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Lollipops Playcentre Franchise
Find My Perfect Franchise
May 11, 2017

Lollipop’s Playland – Franchise Feature Friday

Lollipops was founded in 1993 and since has expanded to a multi-national franchise with locations extending over Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.
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Huxtaburger Deliveroo
News and Events
April 4, 2017

Pigs aren’t flying but burgers are!

 Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Huxtaburgers falling from the sky.  Pigs aren't flying but burgers are! There's a Huxta-takeover on the horizon, and it's coming from where you might least expect…
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DC Strategy Recruitment
Find My Perfect Franchise
March 26, 2017

Do Your Research

Ask questions; get answers. Once you have selected the franchises you’re interested in, meet with your target franchisors and secure a first meeting. Some financial details will be revealed about the offer, and you may…
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Franchise 101
March 26, 2017

Thinking of growing your business?

Turn dreams into reality. If you’re dreaming of growing your business rapidly and wanting to turn it into a household name,  franchising may be the next step for your business.  When the right business is…
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Our journey with DC Strategy has been fantastic! From that initial strategic workshop to implementing our franchise program – there’s been lots of touch points. But if I think of one really great thing in our overall relationship and how DC Strategy continues to contribute to our success, it’s having them on our board.

Warren Jones - Chairman, Total Tools

When DC Strategy came in to meet the board at the time, the noise was taken away. Once they had been convinced by the expert this is what you need to do and this is how you need to approach it and from thereon we never looked back.

Marshall Hartwich - National Market Development Manager, Ben and Jerry's

The DC Strategy team draws upon its solid understanding of the franchise model to improve the performance of our organization. By tapping their knowledge, we have more quickly identified our opportunity areas and defined the action steps to capitalize on them.

Bill Swanson, - CEO, Cartridge World International

We were comfortable with the consultancy because it was responsible for the growth and development of significant franchise systems and brands. Having a full-service firm ensures the consistency of information, advice and message from exiting franchisor and franchisee.

Joe Cirillo - CEO of Cirillo