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Equipment Hire Business Starting from $250,000

We often take the things that we find in our homes for granted. But the simple fact is that those things are what turn a few walls and a roof into a home for someone. A fact that Ian and Annie Stewart knew all too well when, in 1995, they decided to start 1st Choice Rentals.

1st Choice Rentals’ brand ethos is simple: putting customers first. This philosophy has been the driving force behind what has now become a $10 million a year business with 9 locations across Australia. In true commitment to their vision, Ian and Annie have maintained a strong family orientation within the business, which exists to make their customers’ lives better.

Location Information

$250,000 +

Proven business model

Prominent locations in busy precincts

Amazing growth in appliance and equipment rentals industry

The Location

Melbourne is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing cities in the southern hemisphere. With a diverse mix of cultures, increasing population and a booming housing market, it offers the perfect location for your 1st Choice Rentals outlet.

In the Area

Melbourne is Australia’s fastest growing city and home to a population of 4.5 million. In addition to it’s rapidly growing population, Melbourne’s housing market has sky rocketed which provides a perfect opportunity for 1st Choice Rentals to capture new customers.

Your Customers

Living in a thriving economy, a growing majority of Melbournians are splashing out and investing in lifestyle needs. Melbourne’s multicultural up and comers tend to have a taste for the more refined things. And comfort is always a high priority.

The Opportunities

1st Choice Rentals is expanding its national network across Australia. This is a great opportunity to establish your own business in an amazing industry with great growth potential.


Fill out the application form below to learn more about the 1st Choice Rentals opportunity. You’ll receive further financial information and we’ll help you determine if this is the right franchise for you.

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