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Disclosure document
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October 4, 2017


As a franchisor, the Code requires you to update your Disclosure Document at least once a year and within 4 months of the end of your financial year. This means that for most Australian-based franchisors…
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August 8, 2016

Changes in Unfair Contract Terms

The legislation around unfair contract terms for consumers has been extended to include standard form contracts for small businesses. The ACCC is focused on protecting small businesses from unfair contract terms. Particularly in relation to…
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Franchise Law Done Right
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July 18, 2016

What’s the point in mediation? Lessons on handling franchise disputes

For both franchisors and franchisees, mediation is a slightly mysterious process. How franchise disputes usually occur is that one party issues a Notice of Dispute to the other -  then several months later you end…
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